On trend: Winter Weddings

Some like it hot, but some also like it a little bit cool. Winter weddings are becoming more and more popular with more people opting for layers and fireplaces instead of long summer nights.


The Florals

Whilst the blooms may be at the brightest during summer, native florals still ooze romance and beauty, and they are easier to find during the cooler months. If you’re after a natural, organic style then grasses are a great way of achieving this. Create your own wonderland with tall feature pieces lining the ceremony, or create a dramatic arbour from pastel wheat and decorate with deeply hued flowers.

The Cake

Even details like a cake can be influenced by the season. Instead of light and sweet flavoured cakes why not go for a decadent option; think rich chocolates and caramels or citrus’ and elderflower combinations. The decorating can join the dark side too. No more naked cakes, it’s cold after all! So layer up the cake with scrumptious icing and berries.

The Venue

Even if you want to make the most of the incredible views you can still be nice and warm. Set up a fire and cuddle up with some blankets and mulled wines whilst enjoying the last bit of sunlight. Or if you’d prefer an indoor event you can settle by the fire or soak up the warmth from your nearest and dearest. Another positive with a winter wedding is that the weather is much more reliable- yes it will be cold and probably a bit windy, but we can prepare for that in advance. Plus, when the fog settles into the valley in the early evening it can make for a beautiful photo opportunity.




The Attire

Summer is all about keeping it minimal and as cool as possible, whilst winter calls for layering up, which means faux furs and tuxedos! The gents can go black tie without worrying about sweating through the layers, whilst the ladies can enjoy shawls, capes and flowing wraps. For the bride, winter is the perfect opportunity to wear a long-sleeved dress; think Kate Middleton and lace!

The Food

Winter means it’s time for hearty feasts! Celebrate with a delicious meal filled with roasted vegetables, warm bread and gravy, and maybe a side of mulled wine too.

Bonus- with all the layers of clothing no one can see the food bellies!

The Styling

To continue with the cosy aesthetic, go for styling that embraces the warmth. Think velvets, candles, blankets and cushions- all featuring rich tones. Bringing in some comfy lounges makes for a great spot to snuggle up but also creates a unique photo opportunity.