Preston Peak’s Avenue of Lights

What does it take to create a stunning light installation?
It all starts with a vision and months of planning. Preston Peak Functions owner Rick Osborne, designer Linda Seeto and property owners Ashley Smith and Kym Thumpkin could see the potential in the 24 beautiful trees that line the Preston Peak driveway.
A team of four men led by Shay Norrie of Deco Light Installation took three days with high reaching ladders and a cherry picker to install 1500 metres (that’s 1.5 kilometres!) of lights in 26 trees including two in our garden area. An incredible 53,500¬†golden LED¬†lights now create an incredible vista providing stunning photo opportunities for our guests.
Three weeks of electrical work by Todd Buckingham and landscaping by John Greig ensured the success of this project, with 30 custom-made bollards designed by Linda Seeto now lining the 200 metre driveway.
Coloured up-lights illuminate the incredible Wedding Tree set behind the stone-clad Wedding Pavilion.
An incredible addition to this already stunning property, Preston Peak’s Avenue of Lights is just waiting for you to complete the fairytale.