Sustainable Weddings

With so much concern surrounding the state of our environment at the moment, many brides are seeking ways of having more sustainable weddings. From outdoor weddings to functional wedding favours, there are so many ways of having an eco-friendly wedding. Many of the changes can actually add more meaning and personality to a wedding.

The Invitations

Something as small as the invites can be changed to be much more sustainable. More invites are now being sent digitally, reducing the use of paper in the wedding prep, whilst it may seem like a small change, it can make a huge difference. However, sometimes a physical invite can be that personal touch that many people prefer so another option is to use recycled paper.





Such a large part of a wedding is the florals, whilst beautiful, they’re really only enjoyed for those few hours. Offering them to your guests to take home is a great way to extend their life and also makes for a sweet and somewhat personal party favour. Another option (and great money saving one!) is to pick and design your own flowers, so many people have wonderful gardens, it’s likely that a friend could lend a few flowers to your bouquet. Knowing where the flowers have actually come from, can also be a personal touch to your wedding.


Besides table florals and bouquets, many people appreciate useful party favours, so gifting small plants, such as succulents, or even seedlings for those who have to travel could be a unique way to say thankyou. Another great option could be to support a local artist and gift some small prints or other small pieces of work.


The dress is such an important part of the wedding, so it can be hard to part with your dream dress. However, a unique alternative could be to purchase a vintage dress, or maybe update a relatives wedding dress and make it your own. Choosing to recycle a dress can not only save you a few dollars but it’s also a more sustainable option.

The extra bits!

Everyone loves an exit, and what better way than by being showered in confetti, however this is not always the friendliest for the environment. You can still be showered in loveliness just finding an earth friendly alternative is the next step. One way to still achieve this is to use petals from flowers that are on their final days, or if you are wanting a bit of a project, using autumn leaves and a hole puncher you can get some natural confetti with some amazing colours.