The Reception

Make it Comfortable

From the outset you’ll want yourself and your guests to be as comfortable as possible, so ensuring that the reception has comfortable chairs should be considered. Luckily the chairs at Preston Peak are both comfy, gorgeous and work with any styling.

Make it yours- don’t just follow the trends!

If you have a vision for your wedding day, don’t be swayed by the latest trends- it’s your big day, so why not make it exactly how you want! Trends only last for so long. Add a bit of yourselves to the day, personal touches can’t go out of style.


The Venue

Finding the perfect venue for your reception can be a big decision- where do you go to celebrate? One important thing to consider is what the venue can contribute to the theme of your wedding. Is it going to suit your day and the overall look that you want? Can you fill the space with all the fairy lights or flowers your heart desires?

Preston offers so much space to play around with to work with your theme.



Keeping the venue of the ceremony and reception close together will allow guests to easily move from one to the other without worrying too much about the time and transport. With the Wedding Pavilion just down the lane from the Preston Peak Function Centre it’s the ideal location for both the ceremony and the reception. Guests can simply walk to the reception and enjoy some spectacular views along the way.



There are so many weddings around the world, all with unique touches. Whilst you may already have a vision it can be hard to actually see how it will look in the end. Finding inspiration can help you find the look that will work for you, and may even give you a good guide as to where to have the reception.

Check out our gallery to see some of the beautiful weddings that have been held at Preston Peak, all unique but all so amazing!